Sunday, June 25, 2006

stalking the wild hallucinagen

pinions slicing the clouds
as peasants rush
to make the final payments on their shrouds
flames gush over the crowds
and the countryside is stifled in a morbid hush

A wing with a claw,
a voracious maw,
a dragon that bites
off heads as he fights --
the prospect sticks in my craw!

He circles the town.
The wizard looks down;
on the peak he stands
with staff in his hands,
and faces death with a frown.

The end of the day --
no end to the fray --
the dragon lights up the night.

With one last great spell,
the wizard to hell
sends the beast -- in secret delight.

Wizards and dragons
don't play well together,
and the tricks that they do
can disrupt local weather.


fran watson said...

Dear Esav,

you seem a bit violent. Drink more milk, and take some naps. Make some blockprints. You get to cut stuff and produce a statement. And you don't need special expensive tools. If I'm not mistaken, you have quite a collection of sharp blades around.

Dragons. Hmmm. I like dragons.

Esav Benyamin said...

Violent, I? Never!

I'm a very gentle man,
even tempered and good natured
who you never hear complain,
Who has the milk of human kindness
by the quart in every vein, ...

But yes, I'm pretty sharp.