Friday, May 30, 2008

Hate Couture — The Keffiyah

Emanuel Roth

Hate Couture is all the homicidal RAGE,
With Keffiyahs on their heads, and weed stinking in their jaws,
It's Jihad these useful idiots help wage.

Symbol of bigotry, symbol of genocide and symbol of hatred,
Worn by peace militants and celebrities alike,
But don't point out their hypocrisy, killing Jews is sacred.

They say it's just a scarf like any other,
So chic, so modern, all the cool aid drinkers wear it.
Who do they think they're fooling, why do they even bother?

Offering more BANG for the buck than any other hate symbol could.
A symbol ounce for ounce more genocidal than a Che t-shirt,
A scarf that incites the zealots more than even a KKK hood.

Spurred on by an unholy mix of ignorance and ideology,
Liberals dancing to the beat of Islamic fascism.
And if you've seen a liberal protest, you know I'm not talking allegorically.

(Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the term "hate couture".)

Harvey Korman was a lot of fun.

when angels look at earth to see
what they can do for you and me
i'm sure they often wonder why
we wait so long before we die
preferring to remain in misery

but now that harvey's there to tell
the jokes they even love in hell
the angels may begin to guess
that laughter makes the pain hurt less
as even they will fall beneath his spell

Friday, May 02, 2008

(sub)urban poet


where can i find art?
in my heart, a sky, a leaf,
through fresh opened eyes.

Urban Poet

how can i find art through opened eyes
when i sleep away the daylight hours
once a defense against city cries
and dark and gloomy city towers

now in the suburbs i look for what
the concrete canyons haven't got

sunshine is always uplifting
gray skies sometimes get me down
still i don't know why i would find myself wilting
when even the rain can't make me frown

i should be enjoying the springtime sunny or not
before the deep summer really gets hot

so art is never in the trees
but only in the leaves on which we draw them
never in what he sees
but how the artist leads us toward them

tomorrow i'll go out again
and bring my notebook and my pen

Thursday, May 01, 2008

up all night

up all night again
for the second time this week
i nap like a cat

in this quiet town
there are no advantages
in sleeplessness

where can i find art
outside of the museums?
i am still looking