Friday, November 24, 2006

clear them out

see the feathers flying
as the geese are fleeing from the swan
when the goslings are around the cob says geese had best be gone

now hamas is whining for a truce
as if they kept the last one for a minute
they're talking softly while some other ragged group is on the loose

it's time to chase the danger from the lake
to eliminate the threat before it kills another one of us
i don't know how much more of this the world thinks we will take

blame game

Louise Arbour: Israel may be more to blame than Hizbullah

puhleeze louise you're such a tease
you'd think that all hizballah did was sneeze

whenever they can find
civilians they can hide behind
we're not allowed to hit them back
however many times they might attack

i bet it will surprise them
that you would criticize them
backed by the might and power
of the un's vow to pander and to cower

no wonder how in every generation
we stand alone as we defend our nation

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

happy happy

from dialup to DSL

from creeping slowly down the road
to racing

graphics loading music playing
you know what i'm saying

it's overdue but now i'm doing well

when you win say little - when you lose say less

they cynically manipulate
high positions of the state
but winning votes won't make them great

defend the people in their homes
suppress the enemy's flying bombs
before the towns turn into tombs

there is no way to keep from war
we've seen the scene set up before
the enemy always wants one more

they think they'll win
so let's begin
to keep them from engaging in this sin

go back to gaza and control
every tunnel every hole
every target every goal

if they won't live in peace
then let them leave

Saturday, November 18, 2006

they found seventeen rockets

UNIFIL: 17 Katyushas found in Lebanon since Sept.

watcha watchin, unifil?
see the idf fly by?
see hizballah's troops rebuild?
no big deal for you as long as only jews will die ~~~

welcome to the world of world opinion
molded and expressed by tyrants, thugs, and france

just in case the arabs claim to be in pain
we'll get a new proposal crafted craftily by spain

i can understand the failed states
and regimes suppressing their own folks
but aren't europeans supposed to be so suave
and always end up acting like such jokes?

at home depressed

there is a way to make it work
get up and kick it round the floor
then scream and shout and run about
and toss it out the door

and once you get outside yourself
to breathe the frosty misty air
you'll wonder when you sat inside
just why you weren't happy there

so take a hike
like, get a life
don't let the gray invade
the space inside your brain
you'll perk up fast with wind and rain
while wimpy sun and gentle shade
will only leave you lazy but never make you sane

Thursday, November 16, 2006


haiku avoiding
politics and poetry
gazes at the sky

piece plan

the spanish italians and french
are throwing their troops into the trench
to guard lebanese from the stench
of jewish self-defense

now they hope to broker peace
throughout the wartorn middle east
inviting vultures to the feast
of dying jews at least

they hope to smooth the flow of oil
and keep their immigrants from turmoil
all of which the jews will spoil
by defending their own soil

cowardice will have its place
in the councils of the human race

europe will supply its share
as islam is well aware

Monday, November 13, 2006

be well

off to see the happy doctor
says i lost a little weight
sees that my blood sugar readings
all are really looking great

taking blood
and now a flu shot
come back for pneumonia soon

i'm so healthy it's a marvel
for a crippled old man too

Sunday, November 12, 2006

the hollow cost

they're coming to kill us all again
they say it's only for our own good
they don't care if we live in pain
we aren't them that's why we should

that europeans sell us out is never cause to cry or shout
it's so routine we know they're mean

and now that all their muslim friends
insist they join them in jihad
they're wondering what they ought to do
they thought that genocide was bad

perhaps they'll come to see that life
goes on when they are second class
as their own bureaucrats have ruled
pursuit of happiness is crass

Friday, November 10, 2006


new york custom knife show

i missed the show
i couldn't go
i busted up my knee

my friends bought all the knives i like
and i'm too sore to take a hike
to see what's left for me

if anyone would care to share
a pic of what they purchased there
i'd really like to see

Thursday, November 09, 2006


whispering whistling hissing and squeaking
sounds of the woods as if nature is speaking
creatures unnoticed call out for attention
nothing important they just thought they'd mention
they're here

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

teasing me

teasing me
starlight peeps through the clouds
laughing at flooded ground soaked by the rain

freezing me
winds dying down
still leave the cold imprint of ice all around

or is it warmer now
so hard to tell
sitting inside
to hide from the smell
of desperate chimneys
pouring out wood smoke
trying to hold off the sharp evening chill


rainy days and foggy nights
autumn cold not yet arrived

remind me please
why glowball warming
climate change or sudden freeze
is something that should worry me
when i cannot see it harming
even leaves on autumn trees

quiet slips across the landscape
as the world goes into hiding
waiting for the snowfall
and the peaceful winter night

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wrap it up

wake me when it's over
and the winner's been announced
i need to know the way to go
which party's getting bounced
or if i really need to care
or think it makes a difference
when so much always stays the same
no matter who makes better sense

dereliction day

quietly voting
never a crowd
the people's voice
is never loud
a subtle hint
of what we want

elections close
with few to choose
the greater good
will always lose
the lesser evil
slipping through

Politicians depend on their base coming through for them. But the base is energized by radical rhetoric and policies to match. We need the undecided, non-partisan, disenchanted voter to force moderation on the system.

The less reason you see to vote, the more we need you.

Your district needs you to vote. The higher percentage of voters who turn out, the more the politicians will care about your concerns and those of your neighbors. A district with poor turnout has little to offer a politician, who controls the money spent on public services.

As close as so many recent elections have been, and as rabidly partisan as many compaigns have gotten, each vote has become more obviously critical in the final analysis.

Please exercise your right -- fulfill your responsibility as a citizen -- and vote.

Monday, November 06, 2006


misty wistful elvenhome
lakeshore by evening
woods we wander all alone
quiet now we're leaving

someday we'll return
but when

Sunday, November 05, 2006

lost continent

pander to muslims
bash the jews

an empty trend
when bigots spend
their credit on an easy life

but when the bill
comes due the price
is civil strife

if europe is lazy
europe will lose

Saturday, November 04, 2006

cold & the dark

out of the sun
and into the breeze
i begin to freeze

sunset approaching
the day is dead
depression devolving
upon my head

misery sweeps across the land
swimmers abandon the frigid strand

picnickers leave the grassy park
hurrying home in the early dark

the end of the year
we know it well
autumn has fallen
like souls in hell

Friday, November 03, 2006


peaceful nights
as cold descends
from cloudless skies
and warm spells end
will drive the vagrant crowds inside
where warmth becomes a vital friend
but i will walk the streets alone
as always turned against the trend

accentuate the positive

kerry clowning
left them frowning
when his joke
made them choke

it wasn't only troops who tended
to account themselves offended
even his own party's candidates
cancelled kerry's campaign dates

which only helps us to remember
tensions rise with each november

we should know to be averse
to pointing out which side is worse
and to try instead to show
the good in us that you should know