Friday, August 11, 2006

terror slithers

stifling our silent dreams
of future lives in peaceful lands
the enemy thrives on our screams
our ignorance he understands

slipping through the opaque air
the fog enveloping the world
finding nothing hidden there
nothing inside emptiness lies curled

are we missing what it means
or has the sense of it subsided?

quiet reasoned discourse leans
against the end of time, expired

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

tonight the prime minister announced

rockets flyin overhead
wish that they were birds instead

urban vermin on the run
gettin shot is never fun

find himself at war again
rather fight it with his pen

but the day has come at last
gotta fight it with a blast

gotta fight it with a blade
urban vermin still afraid

in the hills of lebanon
where the enemy is gone

when the enemy is dead
he'll go home and go to bed


i see myself
in red
striding through the flames
of strolling steadily through life

but where's the fun
when life is done
of wrapping up a neat
unblemished sheet
that nothing's ever scrawled on?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

inconsequential circumstance

inconsequential circumstance
like watching passing insects dance
across the picnic table

i wander happy and alone
until the ringing telephone
interrupts my daydream's fable

is life made up of only this
to bump against what's real but miss
to wish but never to be able?