Friday, August 31, 2007

negotiate with ourselves first

the system is confused
the orthodox get money
the secular get used
no one cares the land is g-d’s
and not to be abused

i wish my people thought more first
and acted later on
intead of rushing into deals
that should be left undone

and giving in to enemies
should never be excused

Saturday, August 25, 2007

hesitate to negotiate

when the way is clear for peace
and mutual prosperity
muslims will refuse the deal
preferring to kill you and me

that's the way they've always been
among themselves as well
their culture leads to war on earth
and after life, to hell

they aren't even shy about
proclaiming this in mosque and souk
delighting in their own destruction
islam is its own rebuke

believe their lies and you will find
they just pretend that you won't mind

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

wildlife mildlife maybe even childlife

he wasn't old he wasn't grim
i wish that i could be like him

i saw a skunk
& that's no bunk
we both were out for a walk

it was late at night
involved no fright
but we didn't stay around to talk

he ducked behind an airconditioner
by the coffee shop
then he ran around a barrel
past the back of the pizza shop

I think he was out to look for scraps
like my friends the rats in new york
i laughed and flicked my flashlight
so he knew i wasn't sneaking up

then we both went on our separate ways
as people do in these uncaring days

Monday, August 06, 2007

da weatherman sed

let it rain in june
let the lightning flash
let the thunder roar
it will end real soon

let the clouds blot out
the blue of the sky
as the gray storm blast
knocks the power lines down

the computers are out
and the radio dies
and i sit outside
as the wet winds rise

now the storm arrives
to drown our town
but it won't last long
as the sky turns blue

let the sun bake the dust
for the birds to bathe
as they flap and scuffle
in the heat in the shade

let it rain in june
it will end real soon

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

softly screaming

screaming from an empty sky
the hawk descends to outfly its hapless prey
which might decide to flee or hide
but still is doomed to die

* ****** **** ****** *

we love the little creatures of the world
we worship their place in nature's scheme
we pray our neighbors will respect the life around us
but when they make a mess we want to scream

* ****** **** ****** *

I guess today's my day for screaming,
so well it fits into each tiny poem.
Perhaps a calmer word tomorrow
will help me write about the flowers, fluff, or foam.

As crowded stalks of cattails mark my passage,
brushed aside and shedding fluff to every breeze,
the birds disturbed as I invade their nesting grounds
fly out above the foam as I approach the sea.

Monday, July 30, 2007


flowers bronzed with blossoms of garnet
verdigis tinging the copper leaves
age will not wither nor summer's heat
repaying beauty's eternal debt

why do we see
value in patterns
random but somehow
repeating their lives

fractal equations
stored on a hillside
mirrored in clouds
call to our minds
( thanx Flower Garden thanx )

Sunday, July 29, 2007

peace de resistance

mice are sneaking in and out
with canisters of fire
burning down the shop and house
and arousing the exterminator's ire.

somehow they began to fight
instead of keeping quiet
but there is something not quite right
when tiny rodents riot

although i'm sure they're feeling proud
they'll soon find out why it's not allowed

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the friends of art

it's art that finds
the kind of friend
that can depend
upon the trend
within the heart
that surely binds
however far apart

so now it's time
to post a lot
like in the past
when pens were hot
and poems came fast
although they might not rhyme

as after all
it's not beyond the blind
to understand a mime

Saturday, May 19, 2007

a rainy night

wait right
here i'll
call a

it's just a rainy
night in midtown
a rainy night in midtown

seems like it's raining
on all the boys & girls

it seems like we'll get home with umbrellas unfurled

Monday, May 14, 2007

keep out - this means you

since the dawn of race relations
tribes have looked with deep suspicion
at the neighbor tribes who trespassed
where our own tribes did their fishin'

now that rivers lakes and oceans
see their fish stocks are depleted
competition for what's left there
will only be repeated

what this means for future friendship
is the dawn of race relations
is heading for the sunset
and more fighting between nations

keep out! this means you
and you and you and you and you and you and you ...

Friday, May 04, 2007

piece plant

sandy arabia negotiating
is better than shooting and bombing and hating
but wait i forgot the hot desert weather
they do all of that at the same time together

perhaps if we tell them
we love their suggestion
they'll believe us without
a walk-through inspection

and when we assert
that we've left all that land
they'll understand that we lie just like they do
and isn't peace grand?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

bon appetit

if it comes in a can
or it comes in a jar
i can make it myself
which is better by far

i hate to be picky
i hate to be rude
but packaged nutrition
is not really food

it's bad for ya, dude!

it's loaded with sugar & salt & with fat
you really don't want to be eating all that

thanx to liam ryan

sitting in a drafty cage
of concrete floor and iron bar
the chimp is staring back at me
i stare at him

i stretch my arm one finger crooked
and he to meet it does the same
we touch in greeting, nod hello
unable to exchange a name

but apes & humans never know
the good that all their faces show

venus & a very new moon

silver sliver & scintillant star
sparkling sisters rising at sunset
cycles meeting for millions of years
watching i share in the dance from afar

Friday, April 13, 2007

let me decide what i believe

where did all these people come from
telling me what jews believe
none of them are family
all of them should leave

Sense and Nonsense about Jews and Jewish Belief

who says there's no such thing as bad publicity

don't fret
its just an epithet
we should feel we're in their debt
that they haven't forgotten about us yet

Epithet with a Pedigree

our own way

not despair
and anger
not rare
the usual battles we fight

winning by day
for all of their jealousy
holding them off
through the long cold dark night

we need to remember
to play to our strengths
and never discuss giving way

we need to think only of our own people
whatever our enemies say

Sunday, March 11, 2007


By what right
do the creatures of the night
take up their residence inside my head?

They have no business screaming
when I'm sleeping, maybe dreaming,
and they're all just wisps and very likely dead.

I wish they'd go away,
but it seems they choose to stay.
I think they're hiding underneath my bed.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

wings, migrating

peace on earth
and joy above
the skies aswarm
with flights of love
as flocks of birds
who wheel and soar
preserve the line
of dinosaur

and life goes on
as ages turn
however much
we slash and burn

the lords of air
whom we extol
as if we care
who seek the goal
of tropic shore
or northern pole
but miss their share
of lands we stole

twilight of the dogs

it isn't a sin
to pander to
the beast within

but when we let him
out to roam
is when the chickens
all come home

Monday, January 01, 2007

toys of the taliban

Boys of the Taliban

Where is there an Arab Freud
to study what his men enjoyed
in view of what they all employed
since real life gets them so annoyed?

Freaks and weirdos, all repressed,
sodomites, with some cross-dressed,
see their hidden women as an alien pest.

As their culture shows itself to be so void,
by their own hands they will be destroyed.

Rejecting Islam would be best.

that's the news

What's happening around the world?
Fighting rages, bombs are hurled?
Diplomats exchanging views?

The United Nations
shows great patience
with anyone but Jews.

And that's the news.


spinning through the void
the days that we've enjoyed
cycle round again

once more each name and number
interrupts our slumber
clicking off each midnight just like when

spinning through the void
the days that we've enjoyed
cycle round again