Sunday, June 25, 2006

domestic tranquillity

The flowers, bright in the window box,
don't mind if the weather's not so hot.
They don't need water or light to grow:
they aren't real, but it doesn't show
from a distance.

I haven't got time to help plants die,
although they won't thrive, I don't know why.
Is it the water here is too hard,
or that I often forget to guard
them from the dragon?

He's only a tiny wyrm
and can't even get my dinner to burn
when he heats it.

He's better than a microwave
cause he chars meat nicely when he wants to behave,
unless he eats it.

What's the use of a flaming pet
when it's generally worse than an even bet
that he'll cheat me?

But I have hopes I can train this beast
and until then I can hope at least
he won't eat me.

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