Saturday, September 18, 2010

summer sometimes

briefly at the summers end
we follow sunshine on the water
follow memories and pretend
the days are really not much shorter

sometimes at the summers end
we remember summers past
and the life that we enjoyed
knowing that it cannot last much longer

tracing memories through the years
years of triumph years of fears
till success is who we've met
not what we've got

life is only where we've been
not what we dreamed

Monday, September 06, 2010


inside the forest
the homeland forever
part of the wildlife
hunter and prey

lifetimes of drought
forest to grassland
climbers to runners
that was our chance

not by the brain
not by the hand
but by the foot
how we advanced

on the edge

uncertainty is friends with me
we sit and contemplate
to what degree
the world is out of date

now we are faced with world war three
with bigotry and crime
and we have come to see
the world is out of time

islam does not plan to subjugate
but simply to eliminate

metro gnome

clicking down a city street
urban vermin keeps the beat
no one sees his mis-matched feet
but all the hippies think his manic grin is sweet

never sure
if i met those hippies once before
never mind
as long as all their friends are mine
never miss
the concert in the park where we can share
a space beneath the trees and the grass for a chair