Thursday, April 19, 2007

bon appetit

if it comes in a can
or it comes in a jar
i can make it myself
which is better by far

i hate to be picky
i hate to be rude
but packaged nutrition
is not really food

it's bad for ya, dude!

it's loaded with sugar & salt & with fat
you really don't want to be eating all that

thanx to liam ryan

sitting in a drafty cage
of concrete floor and iron bar
the chimp is staring back at me
i stare at him

i stretch my arm one finger crooked
and he to meet it does the same
we touch in greeting, nod hello
unable to exchange a name

but apes & humans never know
the good that all their faces show

venus & a very new moon

silver sliver & scintillant star
sparkling sisters rising at sunset
cycles meeting for millions of years
watching i share in the dance from afar

Friday, April 13, 2007

let me decide what i believe

where did all these people come from
telling me what jews believe
none of them are family
all of them should leave

Sense and Nonsense about Jews and Jewish Belief

who says there's no such thing as bad publicity

don't fret
its just an epithet
we should feel we're in their debt
that they haven't forgotten about us yet

Epithet with a Pedigree

our own way

not despair
and anger
not rare
the usual battles we fight

winning by day
for all of their jealousy
holding them off
through the long cold dark night

we need to remember
to play to our strengths
and never discuss giving way

we need to think only of our own people
whatever our enemies say