Friday, October 11, 2013

Syria, seriously?

In the morning, bombs are falling,
in the evening, poison gas;
all the questions have been answered,
another test we did not pass.

People dead and peoples scattered,
nations gone, not yet forgotten,
where can we put the last survivors,
not in my backyard, we pray.

How many
buildings can we shatter,
people can we starve and slaughter,
children can we leave to screaming,
no one left to take them home.

When it's over, will we know
by the silence and the empty
place where once a nation stood

end of the world

there's nothing funny when there's nothing left
taking a life like a sneaking theft
make them work for it however deft

we stand for what we want to be
seeing what we want to see
going to the end of the world to be free