Saturday, July 22, 2006


rumbling thunder over the hills
tanks across the landscape slowly clank
people slipping quietly away as heaven fills
with smoke from rockets flaring far above the river's bank

instead of crops we'll plant the land with graves
like mushrooms growing in the dark of damp and lonely caves

and if you'd rather do without the shriek and stink of war
then maybe you should think before you bring it to our door

washed out

rain softening the outline of the distant hills
washing out the grit the world has left behind
over the edge of the waterfall a tiny torrent spills
whistling a tune as the rushing creek replies in kind

the sky turns black then gray then sun returns to shine
as thunder rolls and calls the black clouds back
and storms across the countryside are marching in a line
the power lines are menaced by the lightning's sudden crack

the lights go out and come back on
the readouts blink all zeroed out
a stormy afternoon is not much fun
when even my computer is washed out

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

not a fun day

i am often easy-going
but sometimes i am not
the world can disappoint me
and then i will get hot

but as long as there is nothing i can do
i'll sit and scribble aimlessly
and wish the best for you

time out

summer sun
fun to run
kids get out
laugh and shout

all this rain
what a pain
stuck inside
kids can't hide

pressure grows
anger shows
what's the use
child abuse

calmly wait
not too late
golden rule
back to school

relief from the heat of the street

urban vermin dragging dripping
ripping out his hair in rage
all the traffic fingers flipping
stuck in one big urban cage

soon the airconditioned buildings
losing power start to swelter
urban vermin leave the city
find some lakeside cabin shelter

now the skies are black and roaring
wind and thunder what a blast
rain is pouring lightning flashing
urban vermin cool at last


Sunshine in the city,
glaring in my eyes,
bouncing off the sidewalk,
where the egg fries.

Somewhere every summer,
someone tries this trick.
Whoever eats that egg
should pour the ketchup very thick.

Gray haze up the avenue
and not so clearly you can see
what you’re breathing’s not too good for you.
I know that it’s not good for me.

Wheezing lungs and tearing eyes
leave me prey to every germ,
and as the years and tears go by,
leave me prey to every worm.

Leviticus 26

3 If ye walk in my statutes,
and keep my commandments,
and do them;
4 then I will give you rain in due season,
and the land shall yield her increase,
and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.

I love to watch the people scurry,
seeking shelter in a hurry
when the rain begins to fall,
umbrellas looming over all.

Catch a cab if one's not taken,
duck inside a building doorway,
rush into the subway station,
get home dry but do it your way.

If you lived outside the city,
you would know why rain is good.
Flooded sidewalks are a pity;
why won't rain fall where it should?

no going back

return with me to days of old
when poems flowed hot like liquid gold
with metaphors as bright
as diamonds sparkling in the light
of warmer days

before the haze of war
left us to wonder
what all our words are for

Sunday, July 09, 2006

to fran

Smear the paint across the canvas,
sell your work, the money's good.
Let them take you out to dinner,
ignore the talk, enjoy the food.

What's the difference in the end?
The best you ever had to spend
wasn't cash, but time alone,
or with your family, in your own home.

Teach the young ones what's the story,
let them learn, not just surmise,
from someone maybe without glory,
but wiser than their starry eyes.


griping & whining
always complaining
never at ease
decades of life
with only a few
maybe remaining

has it all been
always for nothing
memories of triumph
faded and gray
arthritic aching
clumsy & shaking
wheezing & coughing
ending the day

try to remember
may in december
as each dying ember
turns into ash

getting out

cheerily chirping
standing on line
babies are burping
husbands are fine
babbling endlessly
nothing to say
glad that i met you
wonderful day
almost exciting
getting outside
pack up the kids
for a quick ride
leaving the house
with the walls closing in
children are screaming
just take a break
there is a limit
to what love can take


lock the children in at dawn
keep them inside all day long
if you think this isn't right
let them out at night

give them each a family car
let them race around the town
they won't be going very far
driving off a bridge to drown

they can burn free gasoline
no one's worth more than a teen

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


When Johnny comes marching home again,
Whenever that is, I don't know when,
We'll give him a hearty welcome then,
Together with all the other men,
And we'll all pray for peace that day forever and ever,

Monday, July 03, 2006

from the files

Whispering warm, soft thoughts,
The dying summer night gives way to chilly dawn,
A child's toy left lying in the yard,
Damp with the dew that’s sprinkled on the lawn.

And life goes on though people die
And leaves fall thick along the walk.
Who cares who's gone as long as I
Remain to talk and talk and talk?

Beneath the pristine blanket of the snow,
The purity of death is all that we can know
Until we rise renewed from archived files,
As lurkers read our words with patronizing smiles.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


listen to the news
arabs hate the jews
both of them accuse
walkin in their shoes
that would just confuse
peace is just a ruse
light a shorter fuse
everybody lose


when israel was in egypt land
mubarak said he'd mediate
but what they better understand
is it's already much too late

give back our guy
stop throwing rocks
and shooting rockets
or you'll die

it's time to come to an agreement
even if you hate us still
it's time we prove that's what we meant
that when we shoot, we shoot to kill

if you want peace
that hate must cease

throw the bums out

the legislature's democrat
the governor is too
so why's new jersey stuck without a budget?

who's acting like a spoiled brat
to raise the sales tax rate a few
they're just a billion bucks apart -- why can't they fudge it?

that's where it's at
what should we do?
as i would judge it --

throw the bums out
throw the bums out
wait till the next elections
and throw .. the bums .. out


it seems so long
we've been away
no sin to play
it isn't wrong

but now we're back
and hope you hadn't felt the lack
of empty words rolled down the abandoned track