Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Uncork my life!

Have a glass while on the job.
Drink with care;
don't be a slob.
don't let the boss see you drinking there ...

Aroma is a pleasure
but for intoxication, above all,
I prefer a measure
of alcohol.

Pour me another glass,
and please don't think me crass
if I suggest that drinking to excess
occasionally is best.

And cheers to you, my faithful friend,
that joy of life shall never end.
A sip of life, a taste, a gulp,
juice of the grape, torn from the pulp.

Storing sunshine, poured in a bottle,
waiting to brighten an unhappy day.
Grapes of the hillside, sweet as your smile,
leaving God nothing much more he can say.

The new moon sparkling in the cloudy sky
tempts me to drink to the sight.
Blessed are you, Lord, creator
of the lights in the sky and the fruit of the vine!