Saturday, May 30, 2009

What the science is

Bats are birds, that's where it's at,
and whales are fish, you sea.
Don't tell me what the science is,
it just confuses mea.

A tick's a bug, a fly's a bug,
and so are spiders, too.
And if you contradict this,
I hope they all bite you.

But a horse is a horse, of course, of course ...

It's coarse to beat him in the head
When you should know that he is dead,
And shouting at him, cold and stiff,
Not showing sympathy or remorse,
Will only make your own voice hoarse.


the years go by
and leave us dazed
that those we love
are bound to die

but love will always still remain
when those we love are free of pain

peace is the absence of defeat

the sun goes down
the lights go out
the wild dogs howl

enemies determined on destruction
friends with something else to do
israel continues to defend and prosper
in a world where hating jews is nothing new

only on ourselves can we rely
to see them all retreat or die