Friday, May 02, 2008

(sub)urban poet


where can i find art?
in my heart, a sky, a leaf,
through fresh opened eyes.

Urban Poet

how can i find art through opened eyes
when i sleep away the daylight hours
once a defense against city cries
and dark and gloomy city towers

now in the suburbs i look for what
the concrete canyons haven't got

sunshine is always uplifting
gray skies sometimes get me down
still i don't know why i would find myself wilting
when even the rain can't make me frown

i should be enjoying the springtime sunny or not
before the deep summer really gets hot

so art is never in the trees
but only in the leaves on which we draw them
never in what he sees
but how the artist leads us toward them

tomorrow i'll go out again
and bring my notebook and my pen

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