Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Anthropologist's Creed



Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie Brown:
Psychology one-oh-one.
Life is better based on them,
Simply, softly done.

Lessons we all understand,
Picking up the shards
Of dignity, survival ,
Learned in friends’ back yards.

Hope and trust in footballs
Forever snatched away,
Believing as we lay in pain
We’ll get that ball one day.

Love (like Linus’ blanket)
Dreams (like Snoopy’s flights)
Faith (in the Great Pumpkin) ,
And individual rights.

Pigpen’s right to dust clouds,
Charlie’s innocence,
Lucy’s nasty meaness,
And devious intents.

Schroeder’s right to genius
Though others don’t agree,
The world without grown people
Sounds pretty good to me.

Lucy, Snoopy and Charlie Brown,
Please, never disappear.
Your truths become more precious
With every passing year.

Urban Poet

You're a good man, Charlie Brown
and I hate to get you down
but that Lucy's angry frown
is a sign she's up to trouble.

She treats you like a clown
but remember wisdom's crown:
that the sensible fish swims down,
and you'll never burst her bubble.

Ah, well, such is your renown
all around our little town,
if your sorrrow you would drown --
just give it to her double!

I love mankind;
it's people I can't stand. -- Linus

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