Monday, August 06, 2007

da weatherman sed

let it rain in june
let the lightning flash
let the thunder roar
it will end real soon

let the clouds blot out
the blue of the sky
as the gray storm blast
knocks the power lines down

the computers are out
and the radio dies
and i sit outside
as the wet winds rise

now the storm arrives
to drown our town
but it won't last long
as the sky turns blue

let the sun bake the dust
for the birds to bathe
as they flap and scuffle
in the heat in the shade

let it rain in june
it will end real soon


Anonymous said...

Yeah,just let it rain.

Bless from Sweden / M

Esav Benyamin said...

let it rain up north
let the trees grow strong
to the arctic circle
and on the farms

let the people live
in their snug little homes
when the rain turns cold
and the snow comes down

till the year turns warm
and the rain comes down