Tuesday, November 07, 2006

dereliction day

quietly voting
never a crowd
the people's voice
is never loud
a subtle hint
of what we want

elections close
with few to choose
the greater good
will always lose
the lesser evil
slipping through

Politicians depend on their base coming through for them. But the base is energized by radical rhetoric and policies to match. We need the undecided, non-partisan, disenchanted voter to force moderation on the system.

The less reason you see to vote, the more we need you.

Your district needs you to vote. The higher percentage of voters who turn out, the more the politicians will care about your concerns and those of your neighbors. A district with poor turnout has little to offer a politician, who controls the money spent on public services.

As close as so many recent elections have been, and as rabidly partisan as many compaigns have gotten, each vote has become more obviously critical in the final analysis.

Please exercise your right -- fulfill your responsibility as a citizen -- and vote.

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