Wednesday, July 19, 2006

not a fun day

i am often easy-going
but sometimes i am not
the world can disappoint me
and then i will get hot

but as long as there is nothing i can do
i'll sit and scribble aimlessly
and wish the best for you


fran watson said...

Hanging. Nice. Very gentle, just like hanging really is. It's such fun to do something that requires almost no effort. The focus is entirely upon sensations on the body. Fish that flutter by, or bump curiously to determine if that leg is edible - it's not! - or surprising cold strands of water straying from some secret depth, maybe from those blackened cliffs that are lands' end, bringing their exotic foreign-ness to me.

Esav Benyamin said...

up from the abyss
a cold black tentacle
of icy water

a stranger to sunlight
doomed to disappear
back into the depths from which it rose
and tickled
and vanished once again